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Initial Application


The application deadline for Spring 2018 admission was Friday, September 15, 2017. Applications are currently being processed.

All IDoTeach applications are due before the semester starts. For example, admission into IDoTeach for the spring semester requires applications to be submitted in the fall:

Admission for Fall semester: Applications due first Friday in February
Admission for Spring semester: Applications due third Friday in September

To apply for the Initial Application:

Taskstream Account Information

Follow the instructions found here to create your Taskstream account and begin the application process.

    • If you need to reapply for IDoTeach in Taskstream, you will just log-in to your Taskstream account & go to the “Applications” program.
    • If you did not apply for IDoTeach through Taskstream, but already have a Taskstream account from a course, you will need to follow the “Self-Enrollment” instructions FOUND HERE.

Required Application Materials
These admissions materials will be submitted electronically through Taskstream. The following items/materials are required to be included with the application into IDoTeach:

1) Unofficial Transcripts

      • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75
      • Minimum major coursework grade point average of 2.75
      • Minimum education coursework grade point average of 3.00

2) Fingerprinting/Background Check – Fingerprint cards, (2) required forms, and further printed instructions must be picked up in the the College of Education (Education building, E722). A completed fingerprint card, two (2) required forms, and a $32.00 fee for the background check (check or money order ONLY made out to the Idaho State Department of Education) must be submitted to the College of Education (E722) by Friday, September 15, 2017 by 5:00pm. (DO NOT put BSU on the check or money order. It will be returned to you and delay your processing.)

3) Letter of application – Addressed to the IDoTeach Program Admissions Committee, describing:

      • Your professional experiences relevant to a school teaching program
      • Reasons for interest in the program, including strengths you bring and perspectives about the role of the teacher and the contributions you hope to make as a teacher
      • Career goals

4) Current resume – If you need assistance creating or updating your resume, please contact the career center at (208) 426-1747 or visit them in room 111 of the Academic & Career Services building.

5) Two Professional Reference Forms

      • You must provide the names and email addresses of two people who can speak to your qualifications as a future teacher. These might be friends, employers, colleagues or other acquaintances.
        • Once you’ve provided the names and emails, IDoTeach will send an electronic reference form to the person. References will not be contacted until after the October 16th deadline. There will be no follow-up emails sent. Please be sure to alert your references so that they are expecting and email from Boise State on your behalf, and then follow up as necessary, so that your application will be complete.

6) Faculty Names – You will need to provide two names of Boise State faculty members who have consented to support your application. It may be possible that these are the same names you submit as references.

7) Writing Sample – As part of your application, you will be required to respond to ONE of the case studies provided in the Taskstream application. Be sure that your response is organized and address all parts of each question contained within the case study you choose. Proofread your work to ensure that your ideas are communicated clearly and with proper writing conventions. Please limit your response to approximately 500 words or one/two pages.

8) INTERVIEW: If you meet all admission requirements (coursework, GPA, test scores, etc.), you will be invited to participate in a structured interview with members of the IDoTeach Program Admissions Committee.  You will be contacted via email to set up your interview date/time.  You will also be notified of the Committee’s decision through your Boise State email.