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Initial Application



IDoTeach applications are due before the semester starts.

Admission for:
FALL – Applications due first Friday in February
SPRING – Applications due third Friday in September

STEP 1: Create a Taskstream Account

All application and re-application materials are submitted through a web-based application called Taskstream.

  1. Follow the instructions found here to create your Taskstream account and begin the application process.
  2. Email Megan Gebhart ( for the Self-Enrollment Code.

STEP 2: Submit the Following Required Application Materials

  1. Application Form – Provided on Taskstream
  2. Letter of Application – Addressed to the IDoTeach Program Admissions Committee, addressing the following:
        a. Why do you want to be a teacher? What is your passion related to teaching and/or working with students?
        b. Why do you think you will excel as a teacher? Where do you think you might struggle?
        c. What do you hope to learn in the program?
  3. Resume – If you need assistance creating or updating your resume, then contact the career center at (208) 426-1747 or visit them in room 111 of the Academic & Career Services building.
  4. Fingerpringing/Background Check – Fingerprint cards, (3) required forms, and further printed instructions are available in the the College of Education (Education building, E722). Submit your completed fingerprint card, two (2) required forms, and a $27.00 fee for the background check (check or money order ONLY made out to the Idaho State Department of Education) to the College of Education (E722) by Friday, September 21, 2018 by 5:00pm. (DO NOT put BSU on the check or money order otherwise it will be returned to you and delay your processing.)
  5. Unofficial Transcripts – Minimum degree-box grade point average of 3.00. Transcript must indicate the completion of the following courses:
        i. At least 6 credits of required STEM coursework (courses required by degree plan with one of the following prefixes: BIOL, CE, CHEM, CS, ECE, ENGR, GEOG, GEOS, MATH, ME, MSE, PHYS)
        ii. STEM-ED 101, STEM-ED 102, and STEM-ED 210 with a B- or higher
  6. Mindset and Self-Efficacy Surveys – Provided on Taskstream.

STEP 3: Entrance Interview

If you meet all the admission requirements listed above, then we will invite you to participate in a 20-30 minute interview with a panel consisting of IDoTeach and content area department faculty. You will teach your panel a five (5) minute lesson on a non-academic topic and answer any questions the panel may have.  We will contact you via email to set up your interview date/time.  The Committee’s decision will be sent to your Boise State student email.