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7 Reasons to Become a STEM Teacher

  1. Make a Difference – there’s nothing like helping a young person build confidence, skills, and new insights that will help them achieve their goals
  2. Work Where You Want – STEM teachers are in high demand. Chances are, you’ll have options to teach just about anywhere in the U.S.
  3. Get Paid to Learn – great teachers are constantly learning about their subject, their students, and how the world is changing
  4. Laugh Every Day –  adolescents are funny, and they may appreciate your jokes more than you think
  5. Do It Your Way – teachers develop individual styles, making important decisions about how to teach new topics and structure their classroom
  6. Spend Time with Family – teachers’ schedules often match their children’s, and the intense school year is balanced by some time in the summer to recharge
  7. Stay Active  – this is no desk job, and there are many opportunities to feed off the energy of your students