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Secondary STEM Education at Boise State University

STEM Teaching Pays in More Ways Than You Think

  • Most people underestimate teacher salaries by $10,000-$30,000.
  • STEM teachers are in high demand and can land a job almost anywhere in the US.
  • Most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than private industry.
  • There are student loan forgiveness programs and scholarships for teachers.
  • Teachers report higher job satisfaction than other STEM professionals.
  • Teachers are 6x more likely to say that they make a difference in people’s lives than other STEM professionals.

(for more facts about the surprising benefits of STEM teaching, see Myths about Teaching)

Part of the influential UTeach network, IDoTeach is an innovative secondary STEM teacher preparation program at Boise State University. The program attracts talented science, engineering, and mathematics majors, blending cutting-edge disciplinary coursework with early inquiry-based teaching experiences led by master teachers to meet the need for highly qualified and motivated STEM teachers.

Get Started with Step 1

We invite all Boise State students to try out STEM teaching in a 1-credit class, STEM-ED 101: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching. In a fun introductory class, you’ll design and deliver STEM lessons in an elementary classroom.

logomicronA big thanks to the Micron Foundation for the generous financial support they provide.

Program Highlights

  • Teaching experiences in K-12 classrooms starting in the first course
  • Valuable scholarship, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Rigorous content-area degrees make graduates highly competitive for STEM jobs
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration across the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Education, and Engineering

STEM Education Living-Learning Community

The STEM-Education LLC is a residential community for 20 students interested in STEM and education topics, with preference for those pursuing secondary STEM teaching. Matt Wigglesworth (Master Teacher) and family serve as the Faculty in Residence.

  • Helping Students
    Hands-on Practice with Inquiry-Based Teaching

Get In Touch

We love hearing from prospective, current, and former students. Please feel free to stop by the IDoTeach offices (Education Building, 4th floor) or contact us.