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About IDoTeach

Consistent with the Boise State University commitment of innovation, leadership, and program excellence, the university has committed to IDoTeach,  a UTeach replication effort. The IDoTeach program at Boise State University is a collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, and the College of Education to prepare secondary mathematics and science teachers.

Boise State University’s IDoTeach Program

  • A priority program for Boise State with support from its senior leadership, deans and faculty
  • First UTeach replication effort in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rocky Mountain region
  • Centrally located within this eight-state, Pacific Northwest/Northern Rocky Mountain region, which makes up 84% of the undergraduate students at Boise State
  • Growing capacity and engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM] education research and development
  • Cross-section of support from the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education and College of Engineering
  • Will be integrated with Boise State’s STEM Station as part of its charter to increase opportunities for STEM education in the K-12 community
  • Partnering with business and industry to support the program and assure we are meeting the region’s STEM education needs